Topaz Mel - following traditions, while looking at the future

  • During its existence Topaz Mel has build and put into operation three mills with a total capacity of grain processing 900 t per 24 hours.

  • Topaz Mel is the largest producer and consumer of quality wheat in Bulgaria. The total capacity of the silo facility amounts to 120,000 tons.

  • Topaz Mel has introduced a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certificate HACCP and quality standard ISO 9001: 2008

  • Ready flour can be delivered to our customers at home and abroad, as well as in bulk and in packaged condition.

Business principles

  1. Corporative & Social Responsibility

    Corporative & social responsibility (CSR) is one of the pillars of modern and prosperous society. We believe that every business can find its cause and contribute in different spheres of public life. Among our main objectives is to contribute to create a stable social responsible business environment in Bulgaria. We strive to create a lasting relationship between the needs and the resources of the society and business, delivering benefits to both parties. Let us all see more, give more and receive more!

  2. Business philosophy and values

    Our values are based on our belief in people and teamwork; we strictly respect traditions and family values and develop partnerships based on mutual trust. All the policies, procedures and practices of Topaz Mel are implemented and maintained according to ethical rules and norms recognised internationally in the best business practices. We support and respect the protection of international human rights within our sphere of influence. We strive to be an example of good practice in the field of human rights in all our activities and we encourage the improvement of social conditions, an important factor for continued development. Our three main business principles are flexibility, reliability, innovation!

  3. Our mission

    We share the ideas and needs of our customers and see our mission in the success of the people and business we support. We believe in our clients and we work together with them to find the best individual solutions – solutions for their tomorrow.

  4. Our vision

    We strive to become a leader on the Bulgarian market, a reliable partner and preferred supplier of flour, integrating new technologies, human resources and modern management to ensure sustainable growth.

  5. Our promise

    To develop new, more quality products, thus meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.